about.me: It is all about your online presence

about.me online presence screenshot

Have you ever tried to express who you are and what you do, on a single web page? Do you already have a business website up and running, but you’d like another one that reveals other sides of your personality? And would you like your one page online presence to link to your main site, to show updates from your social profiles, and include a contact form?

about.me lets you do just that. You can create a one page online ID, with photos, bio, apps, and links, and you can start connecting with people on the about.me page straight away. And sure enough, you can also get in touch with anyone from your social networking circle and even outside of it with your short, personal URL, for instance, about.me/jamrelian. You even get a free about.me email address to promote your page, and business cards too, if you are heading into that direction.

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Scroll Kit: Make Your Website, It’s Like Drawing

Scroll Kit: Make Your Website, It's Like Drawing

Go ahead and try Scroll Kit: if you know how to browse the Internet and drag things around with your mouse or finger, then you can build your own webpage. You don’t need technical or design skills.

You get a blank canvas where you can add pictures, text, shapes, or draw with your mouse. Then you have a button called Publish. That’s it, you now have a website on the Internet.

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YouGetSignal: Find Sites Sharing Your Hosting Server

YouGetSignal: Sites Sharing Your Server

Many (or most) websites on the Internet are hosted on a shared server. This means that your own website may share resources with other dozens, hundreds or even thousands of websites.

If one of your neighbors uses too many resources or runs bad code, the entire server may go down, including your own site. So it’s always good to know your neighbors. Just enter a site URL or IP address in the YouGetSignal’s Reverse IP Domain Check tool, and the tool will attempt to discover other web sites using the same server.

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Slimbox 2: Lightbox To Overlay Images On Top Of Web Pages

Slimbox 2: Lightbox To Overlay Images On Top Of Web Pages

When you click on a small image or photo in a web page, the full image usually loads as an overlay on top of the page. A lot of websites or popular social networks (like Facebook) use this type of effect when showing large photos or images.

To add this effect to your own web page, you can use the original Lightbox 2 script, written in JavaScript and jQuery. However, Slimbox 2 is a light and fast alternative, or “the ultimate lightweight Lightbox clone for jQuery”.

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