LiveStation: world news, free channels, and all sides of the story

BBC Live Station on LiveStation

LiveStation is an interesting and quick way to explore the world news, while having a real-time feeling. You see what’s on the news right now, in various parts of the world.

First of all, you have the usual suspects, like CNN, BBC, or Al Jazeera. They are free to try for a week, and require a subscription. But you also get a lot of completely free news channels.

Channels like eNCA (focus on South African and African stories), India TV (a Hindi Channel with in-depth coverage of India and the world), Press TV (the first Iranian 24-hour English language news network), Russia Today (a 24-hour English-language news channel focusing on international news), Deutsche Welle, FRANCE 24, Libya TV, LuaLuaTV (Bahrain), SAMAA TV (Pakistan), etc.

It’s interesting to quickly all sides of a story, while browsing different channels, from different countries and parts of the world. And it’s easy, as most of the televisions on LiveStation have English channels. (Of course, besides English channels, you also get channels in Arabic, French, or Spanish).

The video quality is acceptable, and good enough for news. Of course, there is no 1080p High Definition (although premium subscribers may get better quality). However, more important, the video stream loads fast, and runs without interruptions.

You can watch the live television broadcasts online, in any browser, or you can download an app for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and other mobile platforms.

Narrowing the focus on news is a positive thing. Easily browsing through all those live TV stations from all parts of the world, is also a positive thing. So LiveStation may be worth watching from time to time. Especially on a portable 7 inch tablet, that is easy to take anywhere, just in case you get some spare time.

Visit LiveStation, for free news channels, and more sides of the story

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