justdelete.me: Delete accounts & quit web services with ease

JustDelete.me screenshot: Delete accounts and quit web services with ease

Online presence is a must for most of us whether because of work, utility or pleasure and web service providers make it easy to sign-up for their services. We all have many (too many?) accounts opened across the web because sure enough, it’s nice to stay in touch with people on Facebook, to shop online at Amazon, or to get the latest news in the mail.

But quitting, if for any reason you want to, is made much harder by Internet companies. It seems that some want to hang on to you at any price and make the process of leaving them as hard and frustrating as possible. This conscious arrangement is called “dark pattern”, which may include, for instance, the delete account button to be hidden in an unrecoverable corner of the service’s website, or having to have a lengthy phone call with a customer service adviser.

justdelete.me, the new rescue website by U.K. based developer Robb Lewis, lends you the helping hand you need when you want to remove your web service accounts. The page gives you an impressive directory of direct links to get rid of of the most popular services and informs you about what it takes to desert a service. Not even that, but just by looking at a particular service on the list you get an idea how difficult quitting will be. The site marks services “easy”, “medium”, “hard”, or “impossible” to quit, tags them with green, yellow, red, or black colors respectively and shows you additional info on why a certain mark is given. To quit, for instance, Dropbox, is easy, but when it comes to deleting your Evernote account, well, it turns out there is no such thing as account deletion in Evernote! All you can do is deactivate it temporarily so if you want to make sure all activity traces and data are gone you need to do quite a bit of homework.

Looking for the delete account button? Try justdelete.me

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