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There comes a time in each and every kid’s life when they first hear about the fantastic time machine. Whether it happens while reading H. G. Wells, while watching a science fiction movie or a cartoon, or because dad can not come up with a better bedtime story, the idea of traveling back in time to see the past, is too appealing to be dropped.

And it is not only kids that have the desire to see lost civilizations, cultures, exciting and mystical places and witness past historical events. Let us be honest: we, mature, rational thinking adults have it just as much. The only difference is that we come to the sad conclusion that it is just not going to be made possible for a good while. But deep inside? The spark of desire to rewind and witness human history never dies.

Computers and the Internet are the sources of plenty of things that would have been considered sci-fi some years back and guess what? They make traveling back in time less a fantasy. OK, it is not that you can shake hands with Leonardo, or get a piggy-ride from a T-Rex. But Historypin, a history archive site, can take you on a virtual tour of never seen moments of the human history. And in fact, the list of events and areas it covers, just gets longer and better documented by the minute.

The idea is that members share their own, unique, personal photos or videos of historical events, a particular era, places, or people. Photos, you will most likely never find in history books, or in mainstream media, land here and create a unique documentation of a particular event or era. Photos of, and photos from people who lived through that event or period of history, making the images and videos a very authentic and fascinating source of information.

If you want to start exploring content uploaded by others, there are a few ways to get started. You can enter your location and the site brings you to a map of either your exact location or the nearest possible so that you can view related photos pinned there.

You can also start exploring photos by browsing for an event or by picking an interesting photo from the footer area slider and take it from there. You will surely find never seen images in major categories, like the Fall of the Communism, but there is plenty of space there for fun too. The Remember how we used to… section reveals habits people had generations back in different areas of life, for instance working, cooking, celebrating etc.

And of course, you can also contribute to the collection by uploading your own photos of the given event or place, or even start a new project with Historypin editors.

Got photos for the history archive? Join and pin them on Historypin!

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