Keep everything noteworthy in mind with Google Keep

Keep everything noteworthy in mind with Google Keep

To forget is human. To forget to buy the ice cream sandwich we promised the kids. To call home after the gig. To pack sun cream for the holiday. The place we put the piece of paper with the phone number we need to ring.

But even if we had the IQ of Albert Einstein we could still struggle. Once he forgot his own home address when sitting in a cab, and another time the destination he was travelling to on a train. But anyway. As long as we do not forget to grab our mobiles and tap Google Keep, or to add a note online, we are safe.

Google’s new, cloud-based note taking software is a real one-stop-shop for effective note handling. An instant competitor of Evernote and OneNote in the field of memory-aid and life-organizer tools, Google Keep lets you project and record your thoughts on the screen via texts, photos, transcribed voice notes, or saved websites. Whether you need to save a grocery list, or details of a business appointment, or photos of your holiday, you got the tool for that. The notes get synced across devices real-time, so accessing them anywhere is just a tap, or click away. The photos you take on the beach in the morning with your Android mobile, can be viewed on your PC once you are back in the hotel. The look of the home screen is far from boring. You can assign a color to each note, and Keep tidies them into a colorful interface. Turning a note into a checklist can easily be done by simply adding check boxes. Swipe notes to re-prioritize them, or to archive the ones you do not need anymore. In case you need to look up a note, there is a super fast search option to use.

But do not stay restricted to your mobile screen for adding and organizing stuff. Google Keep is now available from the Google Chrome Web Store¬†for your PC, and it syncs with Google Drive to form a good and reliable team. On-the-fly note handling is very easy in the app’s separate window. And your notes are not limited to text only. Add photos to make sure you remember what brand your kid’s favorite vanilla ice-cream is, or to buy your wife just the Yoga DVD she wanted. And do not panic if there is no Internet connection on the bus on the way to the supermarket. You can still check your grocery list, as the app works offline too. Keep jotting!

Try Google Keep, and start taking notes. And remembering.

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