FollowUpThen: Email reminders, to stay in control

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Opening our business (and personal) email inboxes often feels like opening Pandora’s box. The dozens (hundreds?) of important but unanswered, deadlined, or unread messages turn into evil threatening monsters, that we have to face sooner or later. Whether in 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks, or in 2 months, but they have to be dealt with.

But how to lose the human factor and remember replying each one on time? There is an easier and more effective way of that than keeping a to-do-list so lengthy it would take as long to read it as to reply those messages (provided you do not forget to check the list). FollowUpThen offers a highly efficient way to keep your weighty messages attended to, by sending you email reminders. And you get unlimited email followups for free.

Getting started with FollowUpThen is rather easy and stylish. Got a minute to try it? Just send a message to, and you get your confirmation message in precisely 1 minute. Need to set a different time format? Set any format you like: 2hours@followupthen,,, and so on. You can even include recurring events, like a birthday, or wedding anniversary date.

There are 3 basic ways to use the service. Add [schedule format] in the To: field, if it is you that needs a reminder. Include, for instance, wednesday@followupthen in the Bcc: field if you want to receive a follow up on Wednesday, but do not want the recipient to be hassled. And add, for example, in the Cc: field if you want both yourself and the recipient to be reminded of the subject in 2 weeks time. Simple as that. In case the recipient replies during the scheduled time period, you can cancel the reminder by emailing And once an email has its reminder set, you can either archive or delete it to keep your inbox tidier, as the reminder contains the original message.

As FollowUpThen is an email-based service, it works on any platform, including Windows, Android, or iOS. And it works with most major email clients, like Gmail, Yahoo!, or Outlook. No more excuses for forgotten emails and for a two or three digits inbox count! All essentials features are free, although there is also a Premium Version that offers SMS reminders, unlimited calendar integrations, adding company logo to reminders sent to recipients, and more.

So you FollowUpThen?

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