Multiple links sharing is a lot of hassle? FatURL them and share only one link

Multiple links sharing is a lot of hassle? FatURL them and share only one link

FatURL comes in handy in so many scenarios when you need to share multiple links. Say you need to attach several links to your resume of the projects you have worked on and want to reduce the time going one by one would take. Or you need to present your potential business partner multiple links of the websites of different business partners you already work with, in a tidy, professional manner. FatURL is your one stop shop in either case and in many more.

FatURL bundles all those links you want to send (up to 36 per one go!) and creates a small ‘website’ of them. Its link then can be shared in a snap, and upon opening it, your recipient will see a neatly organized collection of your links. It takes literally a minute to have your site ready. To get started all you need to do is visit the FatURL website and start copy pasting links you want to send. No signup required, although if you do signup, you can avail of additional features of the free service, for instance, managing your site and reviewing its viewership analytics.

When you are done with copy pasting the links, click the scissor under the text box and the app is going to process your request. The next page you are going to see contains your links and you can find some very useful features there to customize your site. For instance, you can add a title to let your recipients know what the bundle is about, or set a custom URL to the site. Then clicking the scissor again, brings you to the last phase of the process. Here you can pick one of the many URL options the service offers you to share your links. Do not worry, they all open your links, they are just different short codes to chose from.

FatURL also includes the option to edit the bundle URL site (title, description, custom URL), and a bulk URL opener option.

Got links to share? FatURL them and share only one link

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