Fake Name Generator: Get A Fake ID On The Internet

Fake Name Generator: Get A Fake ID On The Internet

So you want to sign-up for a free online service or try a new website, but they are asking you to fill out a long form with all kinds of details: name, address, ZIP code, phone, email, birthday, and more. But you want to protect your privacy and not give away all this personal information.

Use Fake Name Generator, a very easy to use online tool that automatically generates an entire fake identity. You get a name, address, city, a matching ZIP code, phone number, e-mail address, birthday, occupation, company, vehicle, and even physical traits like blood type, weight and height.

To help you quickly start using your fake identity online, you also get a username, password and account security questions. And the fake e-mail address you get is a real, free, disposable email box that you can use to receive confirmation messages. The e-mail address is automatically deactivated 24 hours after the last time you’ve checked for mail.

Fake Name Generator gives you fake American identities like Donald D. Crownover, 1559 Ryan Road, Elkton, SD 57026. But you can also get identities from all over the world: Arabic, Australian, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian, and many more. And yes, you can get plausible addresses from countries like Brazil, Iceland, New Zealand, or Switzerland.

An interesting feature is the ability to create a large number of fake identities, up to 50,000 bulk identities at a time. You can download them in a spreadsheet, HTML table, tab or comma delimited file, or SQL database. They can be very useful for various testing purposes, such as legal compliance or security or data validation tests.

Last but not least, you also get a free Android app to help you generate fake identities on your smartphone. Just remember: don’t use it for anything illegal!

Get your fake online identity with Fake Name Generator.

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