Fake-Call Me App: The Perfect Excuse

Fake-Call Me app

If you are stuck in an awkward conversation and you are praying to be saved by the bell, this app might be just the thing you are looking for.

Fake-Call Me is an Android app for smartphones that generates a fake call with all the necessary elements so that people won’t know whether you are lying or not.

What’s fantastic about this app is that you can easily adjust the time when you receive the fake call, the name of the caller and the ringtone.

Also the Fake-Call Me app lets you specify the ringtone of the fake call and whether or not to activate vibration during the call. This is helpful to know whether you are receiving an actual phone call or a fake one.

In the settings panel you can insert any caller name and phone number. This runs independently from the contacts list of your phone. Set the time of the fake call when you need to be saved and you have a plan B to escape any boring circumstances.

The Fake-Call Me app does what it says will do. Once you adjust the settings you can schedule a way out of any inconvenient meeting. Keep in mind, the Fake – Call Me app it’s not about being rude to escape certain situations, but being cleverly polite. As this app is available only for Android user, those that own an Iphone aren’t as lucky yet.

Install the Fake-Call Me app on your Android smartphone.

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