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Have you ever tried to express who you are and what you do, on a single web page? Do you already have a business website up and running, but you’d like another one that reveals other sides of your personality? And would you like your one page online presence to link to your main site, to show updates from your social profiles, and include a contact form?

about.me lets you do just that. You can create a one page online ID, with photos, bio, apps, and links, and you can start connecting with people on the about.me page straight away. And sure enough, you can also get in touch with anyone from your social networking circle and even outside of it with your short, personal URL, for instance, about.me/jamrelian. You even get a free about.me email address to promote your page, and business cards too, if you are heading into that direction.

To set up your page is really easy with the step-by-step tutorial. Once your bio is at hand, it only takes a few minutes to launch your page and let the world know who you are. Set a background, and profile photo, add your bio, add a video if you like, some colors for a personal touch and you are ready to rock.

People use the service for various  purposes, like having a public profile, as a  personal expression page to be added to CVs, for business marketing and so on. In case the freebies do not satisfy all your expectations, there is a Premium version of the service available. For $4 a month, premium users are offered domain mapping, Google Analytics integration, and they can also almost entirely remove the about.me branding on their page.

If you have not made the leap into the online world yet because you were afraid of the hassle of having to maintain a website, do not hesitate any longer! about.me is all free (and hassle free!) and you get a great chance to express your personality in one single page, and to open a new chapter of your online presence.

Build your online presence on about.me

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