Multiple links sharing is a lot of hassle? FatURL them and share only one link

Multiple links sharing is a lot of hassle? FatURL them and share only one link

FatURL comes in handy in so many scenarios when you need to share multiple links. Say you need to attach several links to your resume of the projects you have worked on and want to reduce the time going one by one would take. Or you need to present your potential business partner multiple links of the websites of different business partners you already work with, in a tidy, professional manner. FatURL is your one stop shop in either case and in many more.

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Online presence is a must for most of us whether because of work, utility or pleasure and web service providers make it easy to sign-up for their services. We all have many (too many?) accounts opened across the web because sure enough, it’s nice to stay in touch with people on Facebook, to shop online at Amazon, or to get the latest news in the mail.

But quitting, if for any reason you want to, is made much harder by Internet companies. It seems that some want to hang on to you at any price and make the process of leaving them as hard and frustrating as possible. This conscious arrangement is called “dark pattern”, which may include, for instance, the delete account button to be hidden in an unrecoverable corner of the service’s website, or having to have a lengthy phone call with a customer service adviser.

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FollowUpThen: Email reminders, to stay in control

FollowUpThen email reminders screenshot

Opening our business (and personal) email inboxes often feels like opening Pandora’s box. The dozens (hundreds?) of important but unanswered, deadlined, or unread messages turn into evil threatening monsters, that we have to face sooner or later. Whether in 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks, or in 2 months, but they have to be dealt with.

But how to lose the human factor and remember replying each one on time? There is an easier and more effective way of that than keeping a to-do-list so lengthy it would take as long to read it as to reply those messages (provided you do not forget to check the list). FollowUpThen offers a highly efficient way to keep your weighty messages attended to, by sending you email reminders. And you get unlimited email followups for free.

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Have you ever tried to express who you are and what you do, on a single web page? Do you already have a business website up and running, but you’d like another one that reveals other sides of your personality? And would you like your one page online presence to link to your main site, to show updates from your social profiles, and include a contact form? lets you do just that. You can create a one page online ID, with photos, bio, apps, and links, and you can start connecting with people on the page straight away. And sure enough, you can also get in touch with anyone from your social networking circle and even outside of it with your short, personal URL, for instance, You even get a free email address to promote your page, and business cards too, if you are heading into that direction.

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Historypin: Off-the-record history archive, web pin style

Historypin history archive screenshot

There comes a time in each and every kid’s life when they first hear about the fantastic time machine. Whether it happens while reading H. G. Wells, while watching a science fiction movie or a cartoon, or because dad can not come up with a better bedtime story, the idea of traveling back in time to see the past, is too appealing to be dropped.

And it is not only kids that have the desire to see lost civilizations, cultures, exciting and mystical places and witness past historical events. Let us be honest: we, mature, rational thinking adults have it just as much. The only difference is that we come to the sad conclusion that it is just not going to be made possible for a good while. But deep inside? The spark of desire to rewind and witness human history never dies.

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Keep everything noteworthy in mind with Google Keep

Keep everything noteworthy in mind with Google Keep

To forget is human. To forget to buy the ice cream sandwich we promised the kids. To call home after the gig. To pack sun cream for the holiday. The place we put the piece of paper with the phone number we need to ring.

But even if we had the IQ of Albert Einstein we could still struggle. Once he forgot his own home address when sitting in a cab, and another time the destination he was travelling to on a train. But anyway. As long as we do not forget to grab our mobiles and tap Google Keep, or to add a note online, we are safe.

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Atom Movie: quantum leaps into the future of data storage

Atom Movie quantum leaps into the future of data storage

Forget Spielberg and intriguing plots. Forget Janusz Kaminski and state-of-the-art cinematography tools. No Dreamworks and sophisticated animation, or Walt Disney and charming characters either. All you got is a scanning tunnel microscope (STM) and a bunch of atoms. But what else would you need anyway to make a cartoon?

To explore the limits of data storage and film-making, a small group of IBM researchers made a short stop-motion “atom movie”, using an STM as their animation tool, and a handful of atoms as “actors”. Entitled¬†A Boy And His Atom, the cartoon stars a boy (made out of actual atoms) who befriends an atom.

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Xara Xtreme 5: Free download, don’t miss it!

Xara Xtreme 5 Free Download: Don't Miss It!

Note: Unfortunately this offer is no longer available.

Calling all expert and novice graphic designers! Xara Xtreme 5 is back in town, this time for free! Can you believe that? You can get the full download version of the software, as previously sold for $89, till 29th April 2013, completely free of charge!

What’s the catch? No catch, except for the great software you get. To make it easier for its support team to provide excellent service, the company prefers customers use an up-to-date version of the software. There is still a huge number of the earlier versions running on old systems out there. That’s why the special offer! Users of the downloaded free version can upgrade to the latest Xara Photo & Graphic Designer at any time.

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Create favicons with, an easy to use online editor

Create favicons with

Use to create favicons as easily as drawing in a paint program. It works in your browser, so you don’t have to download anything. Once you’ve finished drawing, you can download the favicon to your PC, or share it with others. A favicon is a tiny icon that is associated with a web site or page, and you usually see it next to the page title on the browser tab, or in the list of bookmarks.

What’s great about is that you can preview how your favorite icon will look in the browser, in its actual size, while you work. updates the favorite icon of the editor page, in real-time, so you can view it in your current browser tab, and see how it compares to the favorite icons of other opened sites:

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